Extended warranties typically can and do save you money in the long run. If you're going to lease the vehicle and turn it in at the end of the lease period then this extra cost is probably not for you. If you purchased your vehicle, you may want to consider one based on your planned length of ownership. While any extended warranty may seem expensive at the time of purchase, they typically pay for themselves for long-term owners, and some even have a buy-back clause that makes them a "can't lose" investment.
Maintenance may be pricey these days, but car repairs can be even more expensive. If you have only one big repair bill that is covered by your extended warranty, an automatic transmission failure for example, then your policy just paid for itself. Repairs to transmissions are frequently close to the cost of a remanufactured unit, which can easily be $2000 or more to replace. How about an air-conditioning failure? Based on typical repair costs, figure on spending $700 or more to keep your cool. Even if you have a $100 deductible you're still way ahead of the game compared to footing the entire bill yourself.

Warranties available from 3 month, 3,000 miles up to 48 month, 84,000 miles. Depending on mileage and year of vehicle being bought there is great versatility in warranties that are available for every driver's needs.

ENGINE - Crankshaft and bearings, oil pump, internal timing gears or chain, camshaft, camshaft bearings, valve lifters, rocker arm assemblies and push rods, pistond and rings, wrisr pins, cylinders, connecting rods, distributor drive gear, all internal components of engine block and cylinder heads, if damage is caused by mechanical failure of an internally lubricated part. All gaskets and external seals are not covered. Gaskets and external seals will be covered if their replacement is necessary to complete an authorized repair. Cracked engine block, cracked cylinder heads, and cracked cylinders are not covered. Broken crankshaft is not covered unless the break is caused by either bearings or piston failure. Valve guides are covered only when guide sleeves have not slipped below original position. Damage due to overheating or freezing is not covered.

TRANSMISSION - The internal components of the automatic transmission or manual transmission. The manual transmission case and automatic transmission case and torque converter are covered, if damaged by failure of internally lubricated parts. Transfer case, drive gears, forks, bearing thrust washer, bushing, washer, and housing, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated part(s).

FOUR WHEEL DRIVE - Transfer case, drive gears, forks, bearing thrust washer, brushing, washer, and housing, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts.

TRANSAXLE ASSEMBLY - Transaxle housing, ring and pinion gears, drive chain, drive chain gears, carrier bearings, bushings and internal seals, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts.

DIFFERENTIAL ASSEMBLY (Front & Rear): Differential housing including pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, ring and pinion gears, carrier assembly, thrust washers, axles, axle bearings, internal transaxle seal, and differential housing, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts.

POWER STEERING - Internally lubricated parts contained within the steering box and pump housing, including rack and pinion, control valves, internal oil control seals, bearings, and shafts, steering box and pump housings, if damaged by the failure of internally lubricated parts.

CV JOINTS - CV Boots must not be torn at the time of failure. Lubricated joint failure only. Universal Joint (U-Joint) is not included.

FUEL SYSTEM - By mechanical failure only, fuel pump (electric or mechanicl) pressure regulator, metering valve, and fuel injector.

COOLING SYSTEM - Includes, by mechanical failure only, the water pump, thermostat, and mixture control valve.

BRAKE SYSTEM - The following components are covered: Master cylinder, wheel cylinder, disc brake calipers, and combination valve, if damage is caused by the failure of an internally moving part.

ELECTRCAL SYSTEM - The following components are covered: Starter motor, alternator, wiper motor, cooling fan motor and heater blower motor,if damage is caused by the failure of an internally moving part.

SEALS & GASKET - All seals and gaskets are covered when required in conjunction with the replacement of a covered component. Head gaskets and intake manifold gaskets are covered for coolant leaks only on cars with up to 100,000 miles.

TURBO CHARGER - All internally lubricated parts due to mechanical failure.

AIR CONDITIONER - The following components are covered: Compressor, expansion valve, receiver drier if damage is caused by the failure of an internally lubricated part.

TOWING - Towing expenses will be reimbursed under an authorized covered repair. Reimbursements will vary by programs.

SUBSTITUTE TRANSPORTATION - Buyer's Choice, Inc. will reimburse the Warranty Holder for the cost of a rental vehicle, only under authorized covered repairs. Reimbursement will vary by programs.

TREP INTERRUPTION INTERVENTION - Buyer's Choice, Inc. will in the event of mechanical failure of a warranted vehicle component, reimburse the warranty holder $75.00 per day for a maximum of $300.00 for meals and lodging providing the failure occurs 100 or more road miles from the home of record. This includes expenses incurred between the breakdown time and the time the repairs are completed. The breakdown date is considered the first day. Authorized coverage terminates the day car repairs are completed.

ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE - Member benefits include lockout service, battery assist, tow service, and roadside assistance. Towing coverage provides up to $50.00 per occurrence, other benefits provide up to $25.00 per occurrence, excluding the cost of parts, fluids, or fuels. Benefits are available 24 hours per day. Coverage is available up to ten (10) times over the term of the contract.

DIESEL - All trucks and automobiles within the guidelines of the Buyer's Choice, Inc. warranty program.
Coverage varies by program
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